Our Rooms

Between the two Centres, there are eleven unique and interesting rooms, designed perfectly to meet the different needs and expectations of all children.

Our Nursery Rooms are suitable for children from 6 weeks – 2 years. The Nursery rooms are equipped appropriately for this age group with high chairs, cots, cot sheets, bottle warmers, noisy/sensory toys, mini home corners and height appropriate tables and chairs. These rooms focus on creating great bonds and loving relationships between the children and the staff. As well as providing these young children with the best possible start for their lives.

The Toddlers, Jnr Kindy and Kindy rooms are quite similar in their floor plans and their focuses. They all have interesting home corners built around the specific interests of the children and follow an established curriculum. Our staff strongly encourage input from parents and families incorporating these suggestions into the activities and routines of the children. The Toddler Room suits the slightly different needs of children just moving up from the Nursery Room, whereas the Jnr Kindy and Kindy Rooms offer more independent experiences for the children’s developing needs.

The Kindergarten Rooms perfectly accommodate children getting ready to move to school. They are run by Kindergarten teachers who prepare the children for their primary years by providing a solid and in-depth foundation for their education. These rooms encourage the children to become more independent, be more social and take responsibility for their own actions and their own learning. These rooms follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines as we deliver a full Kindergarten Approved Program. Like the other rooms, this one also greatly encourages parent input to be incorporated into the curriculum.

The last class that both of the Centres effectively cater for are the Schoolies groups, which include Before and After School Care, as well as Vacation Care for children aged 5 – 12yrs. This class follows the My Time Our Place Learning guidelines. The Schoolies also have opportunities to engage in the celebrations of the Centres as well as having the freedom to engage in their own self-driven free play experiences. Bay Cottage Early Learning Centre is walking distance to Birkdale South Primary School and Bay View Early Learning Centre is walking distance to Birkdale Primary School allowing the Centre’s educators to collect/drop off the Schoolies each day.

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