About Bay View

Bay View is a larger Centre that comprises of two combined buildings creating a total of seven vibrant and nurturing rooms. These rooms consist of; two Nursery Rooms, two Toddler Rooms, Jnr Kindy, Kindy and Kindergarten Rooms. As well as also effectively catering for the Schoolies. This is the larger of the two Centre’s and is also the newest.

Bay View has also successfully incorporated our beautiful and native country into their outdoor play space, through their Kookaburra Creek play area at the back of their main playground. This space is made up of life- like Australian animals,  dinosaurs, plants/ foliage, as well as equipment that encourages the children to have fun and explore.

Bay view also has three separate playgrounds to effectively cater for the differing age groups of the children – a Nursery/Toddler yard, a Jnr Kindy yard and a Kindy/Kindergarten Yard.




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